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February 15 - 17, 2019 | The Long Center

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s distinctive style of dance making is as sensual as her Latin roots, and when it comes to mixing performance with passion, she always delivers! While making a name for herself with major ballet companies around the world, this choreographic phenom returns to Austin at Artistic Director Stephen Mills’ special invitation to showcase some of her favorite works, including the luscious Requiem for a Rose, the flirtatious, all-male Sombrerisimo, and two intimate duets that will leave you wanting more. Extend your Valentine’s Day festivities with this stimulating artistic experience!

CHOREOGRPHY: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

MUSIC: Requiem for a rose: Franz Schubert; Sombrerisimo: Banda Ionica, Titi Robin; A deux: O´lafur Arnalds; Symbiotic Twin: Kate Moore


Requiem for a rose (20 minutes)


A deux (11 minutes)
Symbiotic Twin (10 minutes)


Sombrerísimo (15 minutes)

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March 29 - 31, 2019 | The Long Center


They were meant to guide us and keep us on the straight and narrow. But many of the saccharin stories we were told as children started as grim reminders of what happens when naivete´ meets wickedness, and the balance between good and evil is in question. In this new, full-length work, made possible through the generous support of the Butler New Choreography Endowment, Artistic Director Stephen Mills delves into the underbelly of some of your favorite fairytales and shows you the real beauty of the lessons they impart. Inspired by the visual art of Natalie Frank, the world premiere of Grimm Tales will leave you unsettled, unafraid, and undeniably hungry for more.

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May 10 - 12, 2019 | The Long Center

She’s young, naïve and distraught after learning her lover is pledged to another. As this fragile beauty dies of a broken heart, will she spare her soul mate a fate worse than death? We conclude our season with the 19TH century classic Giselle, one of the great ballets of the Romantic era, featuring some of the most iconic and imposing characters of the genre, The Wilis, and the ethereal corps de ballet work that surrounds this ghostly sisterhood. Called back from the grave by this collection of broken hearts, Giselle must decide between justice and redemption for the man who deceived her. Join us Mother’s Day weekend for the time-tested story of a mad love that turns to madness and, ultimately, forgiveness. If you’ve ever been love’s fool, you’ll relate to this touching tale.

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